The BMS program is a three year UG program provides in-depth knowledge of human resource management, economics & business studies.
It is an advanced studies in the field of management necessary to run an organization efficiently.

It provides vast knowledge of changing world of management, new business techniques, entrepreneurship, trading, finance and risk management.


The student should have passed std. 12 Board exam in one and same sitting or its equivalent.


The University of Mumbai

Program Outcomes

At the end of the program, the graduates will be able to

  • Identify the applicability of management principles in real time business situations in order to contribute to the economy and society.
  • Acquire abilities to offer sustainable solutions to social and economic problems in an ethical manner so as to develop the nation.
  • Acquire soft skills that develop a morally upright personality.
  • Communicate effectively with the ability in team building qualities
  • Acquire competence to harness entrepreneurial aspirations by developing and applying business ideas through the use of various management tools and techniques.

Program Specific Outcomes

At the end of the program, the BMS student will

  • Develop ability to process and analyze the business environment and its components objectively so as to make rational business decisions.
  • Be proficient in concepts related to functional areas of management and will be able to apply the same in business contexts.
  • Be able collect primary and secondary data and analyses the same using tools of statistical analysis and Information technology to derive business insights and present it in a meaningful manner.
  • Develop an understanding of Information Technology and its application in modern businesses.
  • Develop an ability to work in a team setup while demonstrating effective leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to comprehend and communicate thoughts and ideas effectively in an oral and written manner.

Career Options Post BMS

  • HRM Executive
  • Project Management (Executive Level)
  • Quality Controller Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Enterprise Management
  • Data Management & System Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Business Analyst

Fees Structure

Other Fees involved for the First Year only

Students from other than Maharashtra State Board

  • Additional Fee : Rs. Nil
  • Eligibility Fee : Rs. 2000*

* This fee may be exceeded as per UoM Rules & Regulation.