5.1.4. (E)

Annual report of the committee

5.1.4. (D)

Proof related to the mechanism for submission

5.1.4. (C)

Organization wide awareness

5.1.4. (B)

Implementation of Guidelines

5.1.4. (A)

Committee Details


Students benefitted by guidance for competitive exams

5.1.2. (C)

Brochure and Attendance for Capacity Development Skills

5.1.2. (B)

Capacity Development skills

5.1.2. (A)

Report with photographs on programs

5.1.1. (E)

Sanction letter

5.1.1. (D)

Policy Document

5.1.1. (C)


5.1.1. (B)

List of beneficiary students

5.1.1. (A)

Free Ship by Non -Government.