B.Com in financial market involves an advance study of –

  • financial assets, markets and institutions
  • debt and equity markets
  • foreign exchange markets and financial management

The program helps students to study about Equity market, Debt market, Capital market, Skill enhancement course, Financial derivatives, Mutual funds, Taxation (Direct & Indirect), Macroeconomics, Professional communication skills etc.


The student should have passed std. 12 Board exam in one and same sitting or its equivalent.


The University of Mumbai

Program Outcomes

At the end of the program, the graduates will be able to

  • develop ethical awareness in the fields of commerce along with a conscious call towards sustainability of environmental issues
  • develop essential computer skills needed for financial market such as R, Python etc
  • learn to be part of a team, develop reflective thinking along with sensitivity towards group members, leading to development of leadership and team management skills

Program Specific Outcomes

At the end of the program, the BFM student will be able to

  • acquire knowledge in the field of corporate finance, financial markets, global economics, banking and taxation laws etc
  • develop analytical problem-solving skill by using accounting data, financial data and other information
  • acquire effective communication skills through development of presentation, listening and writing skills.
  • develop scientific reasoning ability with the help of latest and modern technologies in the field of accounts, management, taxation etc
  • develop critical thinking ability to find evidence and viewpoints for finance related issues to resolveit’s implications and formulate expertise conclusions.

Career Options Post BFM

  • Finance officer
  • Wealth manager
  • Credit and cash manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Insurance Manager
  • Financial Market advisory
  • Money Market Dealer
  • Financial Research Manager
  • Financial Planning Consultant

Fees Structure

Other Fees involved for the First Year only

Students from other than Maharashtra State Board

  • Additional Fee : Rs. Nil
  • Eligibility Fee : Rs. 2000*

* This fee may be exceeded as per UoM Rules & Regulation.